get raid call here >>>> <<<<<

new dayz epoch mod server up and running

To play on the dayz epoch mod server read below;

download the arma2 co game

or paste this direct magnet torrent

mount each iso and install with daemon tools or power-iso ect. (starting with the first one)
this takes a while dont do other stuff while installing
ignore the virtual drive crap
generate a cd key for arma2 and arma2 oa with keygen in jimbus folder
copy the bottom hex key for each and paste in notepad and remove the spaces
run options.cmd (located in arma2 install dir)
follow onscreen instructions to change your keys

install it in your arma2 folder)

get dayz commander ...... (this updates and downloads your game)
use reg fixer from here >>>>
make sure commander is pointed to the correct install folder or it wont find arma2
run arma2 till u see the menu then close
run arma2oa till u see the menu close

to fix commander so it can find arma 2 and dayz
update arma2 and dayz and epoch with commander options
connect to any epoch server with commander

connect using the multiplayer>remote> then enter ip and port

Temp Server IP:

Port: 2302 = server 1

For dll errors or if your game wont start Install Visual C++ for Visual Studio 2013
redist_x86 >>>>
if you get stuck on "wait for host" just give it some time. (up to 10 minutes

How long can you survive?

bje018 ich kommen auf keinen server warum lol
lgman70 tried to connect to a server and it says Bad CD Key
deusexspecops What is the "No entry '.CfgWorld.'" I cant lunch my server shortcut